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Version 5/2016 available 1.9.2016

Improvement of american relays:
  Now starting lists for final and heats.
  Better Layout for the lists.

 Choosable storage path for certificates
  Earlier the certificates have to be place in program CERIFICATES folder. Often the user has a security problem, when he     wants to place a new mail merge certificate word document in this folder. Now you can chosse the path inside the settings dialog.

Version 2/2016 available

fixes Bugs with A/B/C Finals with ascender and descender

Version 1/2016 available

If you import ECup competitors there is a new configuration to automatically translate from uppercase to mixed case of the names. This can also be done afterwards in the competitors registration dialog by using the context menu (right mouse click on registered competitors list).

If you call a result list allways a pdf file is now written to the database folder in subfolder "exportPDF". You can use this for example to publish results manually to an WhatsApp group or for publishing manually to a webserver. This export is also generated if you use the online result service.

If you generate the next starting (seeding) list you can now import (paste) a list of starting (BIB) numbers into field "BIB No or List of BIB No's by serpentine". The heats are filled by serpentine.
You can also import a list by paste it into "BIB No or List of BIB No's to heat" field and the selected heat is filled with this start informations.
Excel columns (copy/paste) are also allowed as list.

In the past you got an error while printing of result lists when a scheduled race before the actual race was not recorded. This is now possible.

French language is now supported. The program and the lists are now automatically in french language when your windows localisation is "Fr". German, if your localisation is "De". In all other localisations the standard language is english. If you prefer every time english you can do this by renaming the localisation folders (Fr, De)  in the the program folder to anything you want. If the program do not find the prefered localisation folder it switches automatically to the english language.
Please note that the report language can be changed in the configuration of the competition. So you can mix program language and report language.

Setup is changed. The additional programs for the reporting (CR Runtime) system and the results service (Altova) are now part of the setup. If you install first time with the new setup this two additional programs are pre selected. Later setup/updates don't automatically install this additional programs, but it can be selected.

Support: This version is still running from windows XP till Windows 10. Please note that the support for the XP version will be discontinued beginning with the next version.

Version 2/2015 available

When you export (right klick) results in the recording dartagrid, then you can import this export into an other datagrid, also in an other competition. Often this is needed for events with seperated databases like sprintcup and the rest. Also now the import of the ECup competitiors in the Key data is now possible again.


Version 1/2015 available

Final A,B,C in combination with ascender and descender like used in Geisingen and Groß-Gerau now available. New Web Resultservice with better support for small devices. Support of IOC Flags when recording competitors. "Mass copy" of competitors to one heat in the seading dialog. Implemented check of export folders if they reside in a protected folder like "Program files". Bug fixes.

License Key

For getting the license key 2015 please contact directly to info@europeaninlineservice.com

Version 2014/09

Bug fixing. In seeding dialog and in recording results dialog you can now also print a speaker list that is sorted by bib no.


Version 2014/08

CSV Configuration for time meassure systems will now displayed again.
Choosable using of country names. Select now between long names or alternativly IOC short cut names. In General Settings is a new option for.
If you decide "long name" then in the competitor recording the nation drop down box will show long names.
When editing nation column then right beside will automatically be displayed the corresponding flag. This flag is then also displayed in the result service. In General Settings you can configure the path where the flag pictures are stored on your web server. The flags can be found in the "flags" folder after installation.


Version 2014/07

Bugfixes + corrections for the ECC
Support for new rules FS1, DSQ-TS, DSQ-SF


Version 2014/06

In 500 m sprint tournament the first round is since 2014 rules a qualification by time. Normally the final evaluation
ranking in 500 m is done by place and time in the rounds. But in the qualification round now only by time.
In the feature, all rounds with qualification for the next round with defintion only qualified by time are
automatically ranked by time, the other rounds by definition.


Version 2014/05

Export ECup Results was updated, because second short distance was missed.
Copy competition crashed, when first option "competition properties" was deselected
Export to xml and datbase format the columns ECupId, NationsKey, ChipNr1 and ChipNr2 were added


Production version 2014/04

Counter when direct printing was 1 to high
Import competitors from excel now eliminates unvisible chars like CRLF, etc.
Import competitors dialog now has an additional option to import from another competition database. The age category will be
recalculated by the definitions of the target competition.
In competitors registration dialog, now you can select more than one skater row and delete it
In competitors registration dialog the listbox with the clubs in shows now everytime all clubs
Sometimes the reporting systems sends an error, that the maximum of batch calls are reached and you had to restart
the application to print again. This is corrected.


Production version 2014/03

Certificates are now also available for Windows 8 users.
Bug writing usersettings.xml


Production version 2014/02

Some bugs of the preview version fixed.
Known problem is using word with windows 8. After calling certificates the application hangs. Correction is in progress.

Preview version 2014/01

First Version with english language support.