C.E.C - Inline Speedskating Competition Software

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Version 4/2019 available 22.04.2019

Attention: If you have problems to access the database directly after installation and start of the program please go to program folder and install the Access Runtime 2010 manually. All other runtimes will not work.

Version includes bug fixes and new ECup Export features. Now podium list is generated inside Short and Long Excel Workbook and an additional Excel file for sending to the ECup result service ist created.

Download Link

Version 1/2019 available 23.12.2018

Now also a 64 Bit version is available. Depends on the installed bitness of the Microsoft Office version. 32 bit Office installation has to use the 32 bit competition software version. 64 bit office installation has to use the 64 bit competition software version. Mix of bitness is not supported by Microsoft.

64 Bit competition software with 64 Bit Microsoft Office support, Windows 10 64 bit required

32 Bit competition software with 32 Bit Microsoft Office Support, Windows 10 32 bit or 64 bit required

Competition software version depends on Microsoft Office version. Check this first.

Download 64 Bit and 32 Bit


Licence key

After starting the software you are prompted for the licence key. The licence key can be requested from
rainer.skater(ADD)t-online.de. If it is a reinstalltion or an upgrade no key is requested.

Version 2/2018 available 2.3.2018

Fixed crash when export all results to XML. Fixed crash print seeding list.

Only 32 Bit Office installations are allowed or 32 Bit MS Access runtime. Competition software will not work with installed 64 Bit Office or 64 Bit MS Access runtime. Cooexistence of 32 and 64 Bit Office on one machine is not supported by Microsoft.

Version 1/2018 available 26.12.2017

Fixes end of support of Microsoft JET access modules

Version 5/2016 available 1.9.2016

Improvement of american relays. Choosable storage path for certificates.

New version 2016/02 - 26.04.2016 available


Download version 2015/02 - 02.05.2015

Transfer results between races and also competitions (databases) added. ECup competitors in key data enabled again.

Download version 2015/01 - 01.05.2015

After hard testing at arena Geisingen international and in Groß-Gerau this version is now approved for using.

Licence key

After starting the software you are prompted for the licence key. The licence key can be requested from

The key is valid for the rest of the year. Every calendar year a new key is required.

Download old version (depricated)

The current software version can you download with following link setupCECInlineSpeedskatingCompetitionSoftware.exe

THIS IS NO TRIAL SOFTWARE and it is under copyright protection.

Additional Documentation: Inline Speedskating Competition Software Result Service.pdf